Google Play Store 4.4.22 is Available For Download

googleplayFrom Android Market Place to Google play Store and to an endless version numbers, the version update saga continues and on the same lines. Google Play Store has been recently updated to version 4.4.22. According to the search giant, the new Google Play application is fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and up. I am sure there a plenty of fixes in this version, and you can either wait for Google to push it to you, or you can download it here.

What’s New?

One of the most significant changes that are immediately obvious to the Android users after the update to Google Play Store 4.4.22 is certainly the new “Recently Updated” section in the Play Store. In case if you have a lot of Android Apps installed on your tablet pc or smartphone, it sometimes (depending on the amount of installed apps) takes some time to scroll to a recently updated App in order to view the change log or to read the comments about the installed app in the Google Play Store or if you cleared the notifications about updated Apps, you have no idea which apps got really updates. The new “Recently Updated” section within the Google Play Store 4.3.10 fixes this and delivers a good overview about the recently updated Apps on the Android smartphone or tablet pc.The new version of the Google Play Store also combines all the notifications about updates for installed Apps into one notification instead of displaying a sometimes long list with notifications about an update for every App in the notification bar. This makes sense and helps a lot – especially in the case if an Android user hasn’t updated his installed Apps for some time.The book sales in the new version of the Google Play Store now show the full list prices and the Buy and Rent buttons have swapped their positions. The Buy button is now on top while the Rent button is on the bottom after the update to Google Play Store 4.3.10. The Wallet logo is gone next to the Buy/Rent buttons and it seems that Google wants to unclutter the User Interface a bit. The notifications about updates of installed Apps start with “Touch to update” now. The notifications are still not expandable and still feature no action buttons but these features might come in another update of the Google Play Store for Android devices.

New Features in Google PLAY Store 4.0.26:

The new Google Play is meant to provide users with the possibility to find applications and other content that they are looking for much easier than before, through a simpler and cleaner interface.

Google notes that the new design of the app focuses on bigger images that jump off the page, with similarly themed content grouped for easier access.

Google Play Store 4.0.25

New Features in Google PLAY Store 3.10.14:

  • Force Close Errors while Switching the Data connection has been addressed,
  • Update Bug has been fixed,
  • Google Ads Issue has been resolved,
  • Much More optimized with stability fixes
  • New User Interface

New Features in Google PLAY Store 3.10:

An all new update is awaiting your Android smartphone for your Google PLAY which though doesn’t come with any significant make overs but it comes with some stability fixes and some key features are added which were missing. We have summed up a detailed feature list:

Recommendations: A new screen that pops up after you start installing new apps. The screen serves as an interstitial between the last installation step we’re all used to and jumping back to the screen with the progress. It does help shine additional spotlight on app discovery thanks to a clickable Users Also Installed block of apps

Remove items from your Wishlist: A Remove icon in My wishlist similar to the icon that was added to the All tab of My Apps last time around. A small but welcome change for quicker wishlist cleanup.

Download Links

 Download Google Play Store 4.4.22

Download Google Play Store 4.3.10

Download Google Play Store 4.0.25

Download Google Play Store 3.10.14

Download Play Store 3.10.10

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Download Play Store 3.9.17

Download Play Store 3.9.16

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Download Play Store 3.5.19

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