Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Key Lime Pie or Tizen?

Samsung has a lot to live up to in 2013 with the Galaxy S4, which would be thanks to the success they saw last year with Galaxy S3 and the expectations by its fans for this year.

Some analysts and tech blogs are wondering about Samsung’s plans for Tizen, a new mobile OS based on Linux, and if it would arrive on the flagship smartphone rather than Key Lime Pie? A feww weeks back, it was just another rumour but it seems now that industry sources have picked this one out quite seriously. They started comparing two speculative scenarios; Samsung Galaxy Note III and S4 running on TIZEN and those devices running on Android 5.0.

Key Lime Pie or Tizen

Initial responses from users about Key Lime Pie vs. Tizen have been very clear, and the majority of people feel that Google Android has a better ecosystem. It is worth noting that Google play hadn’t been born overnight and has taken some time to get right, which now includes thousands of apps and Tizen has a lot to do before it can offer a real choice.

Android Jelly Bean is one of the best updates from Google and includes a lot of welcomed improvements, so naturally users are looking forward to seeing Key Lime Pie announced at Google IO in May. There is also hope that this update arrives on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 in a timely manner, rather than a long wait as seen with the S3. The idea of Tizen is a BIG no-go for most people, and the fact that these phones will most probably feature a different name also comes into play.

The reality seems that Samsung wouldn’t risk such a big change in 2013 for their flagship smartphone.

Tizen is going to be the latest operating system for different mobile phones and tablets. This could land in car devices and even smart TVs too. This new OS will be an open source with main components being the Linux kernel. The main bodies behind this will be Samsung and Intel.

If you want to understand a lot more about TIZEN OS then you should watch the conference video below from earlier in 2012.

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What would you prefer on the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, Key Lime Pie or Tizen?


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