Galaxy S4 Lag Performance Issues

Samsung expects to sell millions of Galaxy S4 units within the first month already, and people are already crowding to get their new Galaxy S4. Unfortunately there’s several of early adopters who have come to notice that during screen transitions, messaging and using the gallery, there’s rather a bit of stuttering on the Galaxy S4. Many users are coming from a Galaxy S3 and are saying that it has more lag, or that it runs slower than the S3. That’s not something you would expect from a 1.9 GHz flagship device. According to numerous blogs, there has been a trending term in the Android / Samsung forums. It is called S Lag. as it relates to a lag problem imperative to the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

How to fix the Galaxy S4 Lag!

Your new Samsung Galaxy S4 is fast, but it can definitely be much faster. There is just so much pre-installed software (bloatware) that eats up most of the memory that the RAM memory is really charged up and makes the phone slower. You can disable most of the bloatware, and if you also decide to root your Galaxy S4, you can also uninstall all the bloatware there is. This should make your new S4 run a lot faster.

When Custom ROMs will be available for the Galaxy S4, you will see how fast it really is. Developers have been doing a really good job on optimizing the ROMs and bringing out the best in any device.

Galaxy S4 lag is a touchwiz bug, says Samsung!

How to Fix the Home Button Lag on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

One other issue that carried over from the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the home button issue.

Instead of it being an instantaneous response, it takes a split second for the action to take place. If you don’t use S Voice, or don’t need the ability to pull it up via the physical home button, you can go into the S Voice settings and remove the option that opens S Voice after double tapping the home button. This generally makes using the home button quicker as it no longer has to process whether you’re going to hit the button one more time to open S Voice. Now, if you want to launch S Voice, you can go straight to the app, use a widget, or if you use a custom launch like Apex or Nova, you can set a gesture.

Performance enhancement and bug fix updates are very common soon after a launch and from what I gather, there’s already been an update for the most versions.

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