Galaxy S4 Official Hands-on Video

An official Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video has been posted by the company on its dedicated Samsung Mobile YouTube channel. This is the first official Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video, and it’s a pretty extensive one at that. The 13 minute hands-on video is divided into five distinct sections, each one with its respective subsections. The sections are Hardware & Design, Camera Experience, Sharing Tools, Convenience Features, and Health Features. The people in charge of the video have went as far as to provide links to each specific subsection in the video’s description on YouTube, should you want to find out how a certain feature works without having to go through the whole video.

From the hardware design to the camera experience and sharing tools, we go hands-on with the new Samsung GALAXY S4.

Understanding what matters most to us, the GALAXY S4 was developed to redefine the way we live and make our lives more fulfilling.

This sleek and innovative smartphone makes every moment meaningful. It understands the value of relationships, enabling true connections with friends and family.

It believes in the importance of an effortless user experience, making our lives easy and hassle-free; and, it empowers us to take care of our well-being.

Galaxy S4 Official Hands-on Video

Find out more in this hands-on video which covers the following features:

1. Hardware & Design :
Chassis, Colors, Display, Custom lock screen, Custom home screen

2. Camera Experience :
Sound & Shot, Animated Photo, Drama Shot, Dual Shot, Story Album.

3. Sharing Tools :
Group Play

4. Convenience Features
Air Gesture, Air View (Video), Air View (Speed Dial), S View Cover, Samsung Smart Pause, Samsung WatchON.

5. Health Features :
S Health