Game Pad controller for the Galaxy S4 is launching in May

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will come with a plethora of awesome accessories, one of the most exciting is the game pad controller that can be attached to the bottom of the new smartphone. Such devices are part of Android’s continuing invasion of the traditional gaming market and the gadget-overloaded living room.

The gamepad is set to launch in May, only a few weeks after the rumored release date of the S4, with as many as eight bundled titles, but they’ll be as many as 80 compatible apps available to download in time for the Game Pad’s release. It connects via a Bluetooth connection, and you can also play the games on your television screen. The top of the gamepad has a dock, and the layout of the controller is similar to the buttons on an Xbox 360 gamepad.

Game Pad controller for the Galaxy S4

The device, which doesn’t have a formal name yet but is bundled as the Game Arcade, will work with the Galaxy S4 and Android Jelly Bean 4.2. You can play your games on the Android device and display them on a 1080p high-definition television. The controller uses two triple-A batteries and has dual analog sticks, and it has shoulder buttons.

Game Pad controller for the Galaxy S4

The bad news: It’s likely that the Game Pad will cost more than 100$ and it is not compatible with earlier Samsung phones.