No CyanogenMod For Samsung Galaxy S4

Are you eager to grab that new Samsung Galaxy S4, but looking for a more stock experience? Many android users will ultimately root and flash a custom ROM on their new device to rid themselves of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. If that is your plan and you were thinking of CyanogenMod as your custom ROM of choice, you might be out of luck as it appears that the team behind CyanogenMod we will not support the Galaxy S4.

Here’s of XpLoDWilD of Team Hacksung sharing CM’s general thoughts and feelings about the Galaxy S 4:

Nobody at Team Hacksung (the team behind Galaxy S2, Note, S3, Note2, G Tabs… official CM ports) plans to buy it, neither develop for it. There are two variants which will be a pain to maintain, [and] the bugs we have on the S3 will probably be there on S4, too (camera), and we all know Samsung ability to release sources while staying in line with mainline. Yes Qualcomm releases sources, but Exynos sources we had were far from [working on] actual Galaxy products. I’m pretty sure the same will happen for this one.

That’s a uniform “no” from us.

CyanogenMod For Samsung Galaxy S4

Of course we expect that there might be other custom ROMs out there that you can flash on the Galaxy S4, but considering that CyanogenMod is probably one of the most popular custom ROMs out there, this will no doubt be a bummer for would-be Galaxy S4 owners.

source: Android Central