Samsung Galaxy Gear

galaxy-gearThe new Galaxy Gear from Samsung has been in the news quite a bit and it is just about impossible to not hear about it. It is getting a lot of coverage for a product which is constrained in its our mobile world. The Galaxy Gear works only with other Samsung Galaxy devices and at the moment that is a very limited realm of devices including the Galaxy Note 3, Note 10 and S4. It requires Android 4.3 which is only on those mobile devices and more are expected to see it in the coming weeks using Bluetooth 4.0 for communication between the Gear and your mobile device. While the Galaxy Gear is limited by the devices it can communicate with which will be improving, the question for some is whether they want the Galaxy Gear.

There are a number of challenges for the Galaxy Gear and the first is its size at 1.63 inches square. It looks much like an over-sized watch that some wear, so if you have a small wrist, it will stand out. That takes a little getting used to and if that will not be a problem for you, then you move on to the price. It is listed at Best Buy for $299 and varies from location to location. This is about twice as much as the Pebble Watch at Best Buy for $149. If these two items are something that you can live with, then you are the kind of person that Samsung wants to be selling their Galaxy Gear to as your new watch and communication device.

The big value for the Galaxy Gear is that you are not having to constantly be pulling your smart phone out to see what time it is. I stopped wearing a watch years back and now find it a problem to constantly be pulling my Galaxy S3 out of my pocket. Yes, I am still waiting for my contract to get to 2 years so I can buy my next smartphone which will be the Galaxy S5. So, with a watch, I just have to glance down. When I get an email, I can look at the Galaxy Gear to see who it is from. Saves me the time and trouble of pulling the phone out of my pocket. If I get a call, I can glance at the Gear and see who it is from. All of these are going to make my life easier by not having to constantly be pulling my phone out of my pocket.

If that was all it did, you would be disappointed as it is nothing more than a display that you read. But, in this world of text message which so many live by, this may be a big time saver for you. With its 320 by 320 resolution it should meet your needs, especially in the world of phone calls. Being able to see who is calling before you have to take your phone out of your pocket is a time saver. All to often, I am in meetings when I get a call and being able to see who is calling and send them to voice mail from my wrist sounds like a great idea in this fast paced world. And if you want to, you can take a call on your wrist rather than pull out your phone. But, I can assume that if you are in a noisy area, that is probably not a good idea.

Since the Galaxy Gear is a smaller scale mobile device, there are more things which it can do than just these few items. Apps are where the value is for mobile devices and for the Galaxy Gear it will be the same. There is going to be apps which add value to the Gear and some will be in the area of physical fitness. As with any new product, it is going to take some time for the apps to be created and catch up. The camera on the Galaxy Gear (1.9 megapixel) is probably not something that I would really use for quality pictures, but for something quick and dirty it may just be the thing to use. No need to take your phone out of your pocket.

As with anything in the world of technology which is mobile, it relies on a battery and unfortunately, Samsung has stayed with the mindset of providing enough of a battery to last a day. At 315 mAH, the battery is going to have to be charged every night. In watches that I used to wear, I did not have to worry about the battery as they seem to run for a year. Having to remember to charge up the Galaxy Gear every night is going to take some getting used. I guess it will only take a few days of having it go dead on me.

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