Samsung Galaxy S4′s 13 MP camera module spotted

The Samsung Galaxy S3 still seems like the hottest Android Smartphone out there, but this doesn’t stop rumors about the next Galaxy S4 to surface every day. Not long before the CES 2012 a 13-megapixel camera module has surfaced and it’s said to be directly linked to the fourth generation Samsung Galaxy S. The 13-megapixel sensor is said to have been originally intended for the Galaxy S3 and the second Galaxy Note, but never made it to those devices. Currently, the Galaxy S3 sports a pretty capable 8-megapixel shooter. Increasing the megapixel count however is no easy task if Samsung wants to retain the slim body line of its flagship Android phone. Moreover, more megapixels also make it more challenging for a device to perform well in low light conditions due to the simple fact that pixels get smaller and noise gets in easier.


The CES 2013 event is now over and we all expect to see more leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4. The said device is rumored to sport a 10MP rear-facing shutter.

Recently, an image uploaded to Google’s photo sharing site ‘Picasa’, claims to be taken by a device bearing the model number SGH-N045. The image is consisted of a filing cabinet, floor, and a table leg. If you look at the image given here, it is actually saying that it was taken by the Samsung Galaxy S4’s 10MP camera, bearing a resolution of 4128 x 2322p.

First image taken by Samsung Galaxy S4 camera

First image taken by Samsung Galaxy S4 camera appears

During the CES 2013, we’ve witnessed different devices with 13MP shutters in the likes of the Sony Xperia Z, Huawei Ascend D2, and the ZTE Grand S. Sadly, if that picture came from a 10MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4, this is not good as other mobile phone players are launching their 13 MP shutters.

Luckily, the details pulled from the photo’s EXIF data proves nothing as it can easily be forged to saying this and that. There is also no guarantee that the image in question is really from Samsung’s upcoming flagship the Galaxy S4.

For now, all we have to go on is the picture given above. It’s not that bad, but a 13MP shutter will be damn good on the up and coming Samsung flagship device.

This 13 mega pixel camera would capture images with a resolution of 4208 × 3120 pixels, and has a dimension of 8.5×8.5×5.9 mm. But of course, we cannot be completely sure if this camera module would actually come on the Galaxy S4. If companies like ZTE, Huawei, and Sony came up with one, I am desperately wishing and hoping that Samsung would follow suit. But we can be sure of one thing, the next premium smart phone from Samsung will have an improved camera, either the camera app or the actual hardware. This is because the camera on a smart phone can make or break the deal for many people. In short, is enthusiastically awaiting the presentation of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Still, we expect the next Samsung Galaxy S4 to bring some big camera improvements, and while we’re not sure whether Samsung will knock up the megapixels, that’s definitely one likely way to go.

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