Samsung Galaxy S4 name Confirmed By Samsung Executive

In early 2012 we have witnessed a plethora of nonsensical rumours that suggested the Galaxy S3 may be re branded as something else, and it took a while until it was confirmed that the company’s flagship device would be known as the third member of the Galaxy S family. So it would not be surprising to see the next generation of the Galaxy S family christened as Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S brand has turned out to be one of the most popular brands and has earned a distinct niche for itself. Samsung would surely like to capitalize on the fan following of the Galaxy product line.


The name of the Galaxy S4 name has not cropped up only on the basis of rumors. A report by the IT Pro Portal that says a Samsung exec has already mentioned the Galaxy S4 smartphone during a  recent event –  Invest in Photonics in Bordeaux. Kit Lam, Chief Innovation Officer at Samsung Electronics Research Institute was giving a presentation onstage, and the Galaxy S4 name slipped out. Well it is not a significant issue but still till date no one from Samsung had talked about any follow up to the Galaxy S3.

This is for the first time that the Name Galaxy S4 has been confirmed. It could be possible that a lot was being made from a slip of the tongue. However, given the position occupied by Mr. Lam, it could be just possible. Lam has however not given any details about the Galaxy S4. It is a foregone conclusion that the Galaxy S4 will follow the Galaxy S3. The question is when?