Samsung’s Next-gen TouchWiz Smartphone Interface Leaks

Samsungs-Next-gen-TouchWizThanks to @evleaks, we can now catch a glimpse of an upcoming smartphone user interface that Samsung is currently working on. A trio of leaked screenshots show the new lock screen, home screen, and icons Samsung has been working for its Android-powered device, and they suggest a pretty significant TouchWiz overhaul is on its way this year.

The new interface sports thinner, cleaner fonts, bright neon colors, and much simpler icons. I hate to say it, but it certainly seems as if someone (everyone) in Samsung’s design department has been playing with Apple’s latest iOS 7 software. It’s not exactly the same, of course, but it certainly follows some similar paths.

This particular design is by no means confirmed, however. Samsung is simply “exploring” this interface, @Evleaks says, so it’s possible that it could be scrapped in favor of something different. Whatever the case may be, here’s to hoping for some big TouchWiz changes with the Galaxy S5 later this year.