Galaxy S5 Rumors Breakdown

Galaxy S5 conceptIt is that time again when we start hearing rumors about the next great Galaxy S series smartphone on the horizon. And yes, the rumor mill is spinning as fast as ever, producing a number of tantalizing rumors for those in the hunt for a new smartphone particularly a brand new Samsung Galaxy S. Now we all know that the rumors are all too often far more than the phone that ends up being delivered. But, they do provide a glimpse on what Samsung may be planning or what some people really want to see in the next Galaxy S5. And there are a good number of rumors that make it into the delivered smartphone making it worthwhile to take a look at them. So, the question of why you should be interested in the Galaxy S5 is an appropriate one. Let’s take a look at some of the rumors going around now.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Display

In the past few weeks, we’ve see a number of Galaxy S5 rumors emerge. On December 26th, Korean publication DDaily claimed that the Galaxy S5 will sport a 5.25-inch QHD AMOLED display (2560 x 1440 resolution) and that mass production of these displays has already begun. This falls in line with a GFXBench benchmark for a device dubbed SM-G900S that is believed to be a new, high-end Samsung device. Whether it’s the Galaxy S5 or not remains unclear. This also matches information that points to Samsung preparing this type of technology for arrival in 2014. The Galaxy Note 3 design could feature thinner bezels like the Galaxy S4 to stay with a similar size.

At this point, rumors have all aligned around a display that is around 5-inches in size. That seems likely at this point given that Samsung won’t want to intrude on the Galaxy Note 3′s display size. The Galaxy S5 display resolution isn’t a gimme at this point and we still feel a lukewarm about the prospects of a QHD display.

Sharps 2K display

According to a report by Chinese website Tencent on January 6th, Samsung has decided not to use a Super AMOLED HD display panel for its Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone. Traditionally, ever since the first Galaxy S smartphone, Samsung has always preferred its own AMOLED displays for its flagships. However, according to the report based on unconfirmed information, the Galaxy S5 will be an exception, as Samsung has chosen Sharp to provide a 5.25″ 2K Ultra HD LTPS display panel. It’s going to pack an exceptional pixel density of 560 pixels per inch. The reason behind Samsung’s decision resides in one of its subsidiaries, which has run into production issues with the 2K Ultra HD AMOLED displays. As a result of them, the company can’t keep up the production and won’t be able to make enough of them to meet the expected Galaxy S5 demand.

Galaxy S5 Design

Then, on the final day of the year, Korean pub ETNews a hit-or-miss publication, suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be joined by a metal Galaxy F. This, once again, has thrown design rumors into flux.


According to this report, the Galaxy F will be made of metal and it could make its debut around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S5. It also claims that there is a chance it could arrive after the Galaxy S5 launch date. This aligns with a report from the same publication back in September that suggested that the Galaxy F would be Samsung’s premium model. The publication also asserted, back in November, that the Galaxy S5 would come in two flavors, metal and plastic.

If there is one thing that we’ve learned over the years when it comes to Galaxy S designs, it’s that they are the best kept secret at Samsung. For example, the Galaxy S4 design wasn’t revealed until just before its launch event, despite hundreds of rumors suggesting an assortment of things. The Galaxy Note 3 design was kept under wraps until its launch event.

We don’t expect Galaxy S5 design rumors to align before the event but it’s hard to deny the trend that we’re seeing here. There is a ton of talk about metal, about a premium design, and when rumors continually emerge like this, there is often some truth to them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept inspired by Samsung design patent

A recent patent filed by Samsung for a new, super-curvy smartphone design was initially associated with a supposed launch of a Galaxy Note 4 in late 2014. The patent diagrams included an S-Pen stylus socket in the chassis.


However, the patent has clearly got some people thinking outside the box. Traditionally, Samsung has kept its smartphone designs consistent across its product catalogue. That doesn’t mean changes cannot be made, of course, but does prompt the question of whether a radical re-design will take place across multiple handsets, including the forthcoming Galaxy S5.


As a result, talented concept artist Ivo Maric has taken the patent filing diagrams and used them to develop a concept render for the Samsung Galaxy S5, which we expect the company will reveal in February at Mobile World Congress 2014. Maric’s design was posted on


Of course, usually with concept designs it’s just interesting to see how people imagine a company’s product evolving. But in this case, it’s particularly intriguing as it is based on a genuine Samsung patent – could this be what the Galaxy S5 actually looks like? We hope so.


In this concept the Samsung Galaxy S5 is thinner than the S4 and looks, to our eyes, a little more like the often-forgotten Google Nexus S. It also has a curved display, a new innovation seen in the Galaxy Round and LG’s G Flex and one which Apple is also apparently adopting with the iPhone 6, if rumours are to be believed. Maric imagines the Galaxy S5, if it does use this design, will be similarly sized to the Galaxy S4 but continue Samsung’s trick of squeezing a larger display into the same space, specifically a 5.25-inch panel.

Samsung Galaxy S5 could debut new custom Android UI

According to reports Samsung is working on a new UI overlay for its Android phones launching inside 2014. It’s not clear at this stage whether this is a new look which will retain the TouchWiz name, or an entirely new UI brand. It could also purely be experimental rather than anything concrete. The word (and pictures) comes via venerable Twitter tipster @evleaks which posted a trio of screengrabs from the forthcoming interface. While details are currently slim, it’s certainly got a much fresher look than the now dated TouchWiz present aboard the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. It’s a bit simpler and more understated to fit with Android 4.4 KitKat’s softer approach. Is there a little bit of iOS 7 inspiration in there though? We’ll let you decide.


So, while there isn’t anything specifically tying this UI to the Galaxy S5, if the UI is planned for Samsung handsets going forwards it is possible it will end up on the flagship sooner rather than later, if not at launch, then in a subsequent update.

64 Bit Processor – There are strong indications and rumors that Samsung will be beefing up the Galaxy S5 to include a new 64 bit Exynos processor to handle the growing needs for performance related to videos and running multiple processes at once. Based on the history of Samsung devices, this is a very reasonable expectation. The unfortunate part of this is for the US. Historically for the Galaxy S phones, the faster processors do not arrive in the US. It appears that having to include LTE requires Samsung to not include the latest processor here. Since few of us here in the US are willing to not have LTE, do not expect the 64 bit processor in the Galaxy S5.

16 MP Camera – Rumors continue regarding the coming camera to be included with the Galaxy S5. The latest one has Samsung including a 16 MP camera. The Galaxy Note 3 already sports a 13 MP and includes Optical Image Stabilization. There is also talk of including ISOCELL CMOS sensors in the Galaxy S5 which will provide for better camera resolution. This has a very good change of making it into the coming Galaxy S5 and we believe that Samsung will provide for better picture taking.

Early Arrival Date – We are seeing a number of sites talking about a January announcement for the Galaxy S5. Given that the Galaxy S4 was arriving in the US in June and July, that would create a very short cycle for current owners of the S4. While it is not out of the realm of possibilities, this one does not seem very likely as it would cause dissatisfied customers. And it would significantly reduce the time period where Samsung would be completing development for the 16 MP camera and 64 bit processor. This one is probably not one that will happen.

We have laid out some of the many rumors circulating for the coming Galaxy S5. And we are still waiting to hear about the screen size, which continues to increase for Samsung mobile devices. These lay the foundation for why you should be interested in the next phone from Samsung. There are going to continue to be more rumors over the next few months and some may never happen. But, other new rumors may give you a glimpse into what Samsung may be planning.

Galaxy S5 Rumor Breakdown

At the moment, here is how we feel about the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors we’ve heard thus far. We break the rumors down into likely, lukewarm and unlikely. Older rumors can be found in our latest Galaxy S5 rumor roundup.

Rumors that are likely are those that make the most sense or have been rumored ad nauseum. Lukewarm rumors are those that we’re still on the fence about and rumors that are deemed unlikely are those that we aren’t expecting.


  • 5-inch High-Resolution Display
  • Brand New High-Performance 64-Bit Processor
  • 16MP Camera with Auto Focus
  • New Design
  • Launch on AT&T
  • Launch in February, March, April


  • QHD Display
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Metal Design


  • Flexible Samsung Youm Display
  • Launch at CES 2014


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