Samsung Galaxy S5 To Get a Metal Frame and Bigger Display

Galaxy S5 To Get a Metal FrameA new set of images allegedly showing a structural component of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the rumoured Galaxy S5, has been spotted online. The evidence of this comes via who has posted a number of photos online.

The photos, one of which is posted above, claim to show the new metal frame for the Galaxy S5. However, as with many leaks and rumors, confirming that these photos are indeed the S5, and not another smartphone, is not as straightforward as it may first seem.

The photos are claimed to originate from within Samsung’s supply chain, but when these were further investigated it was not possible to validate them as the S5. This photos also reveal some anomalies when compared to the existing Galaxy S4. The most obvious is that you would expect the S5 camera to be in the centre like all others mobiles in the range, but in the leaked photo it shows the camera hole in one of the corners.


None the less we feel the photos and source of the leak is sound enough to expect the Galaxy S5 to come with a metal inner shell. The other point is that there is no evidence of the S5 coming with a metal exterior, so although this leak was useful it doesn’t really take us much nearer to the outer form of the S5. Will this still be plastic?