Instagram Introduce Web Profiles

Instagram has announced that it’s introducing web profiles that look an awful lot like Facebook, which purchased the famous photo-sharing app earlier this year for a final pricetag of $741 million.. Many third party websites have been doing web versions of Instagram profiles for a very long time now.

Why it took Instagram so long, who knows.

The profiles of course have a very Facebook-like look, with the avatar being on the left and a cover picture. But the cover picture is made up of your own Instagram pictures. Despite the similarities, the Instagram profiles don’t link to Facebook profiles and do not integrate the two social networks in any way. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg made it clear when the two companies announced the acquisition deal that the networks would remain separate.

The web version now allows users to follow profiles, comment and like photos. You can also edit your own profile.

As expected you can’t upload pictures through the web version.

The ability to upload pictures is staying exclusive to Instagram’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.

This is a welcomed feature which I personally think should have been available since the beginning of Instagram.

To view your profile you simply put your username at the end of this url –

Unfortunately not all profiles have got the web version yet.

So your profile may not be immediately available. All profiles will get the web version in the next few days.

However if you’re looking for an example I recommend checking out Nike’s profile –